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Sponsorship Information


Sponsor Activations

  1. Event Naming Rights: we have given sponsors the opportunity to have their name featured in the title of an event. This could either be a one-time event or an ongoing series.

  2. Interactive Displays: We can create interactive displays that incorporate sponsor branding and messaging. This not only engages attendees, but also provides a unique way for sponsors to showcase their products or services.

  3. Social Media Takeovers: Allow our sponsors to take over our social media accounts for a day or week. This provides you with a platform to share your brand messaging and connect with your audience.

  4. Branded Lounges: We can create a branded lounge area for attendees to relax and network. This provides a unique space for sponsors to showcase their brand and connect with attendees in a more relaxed setting.

  5. Virtual Sponsorship: With the rise of virtual events, we can offer virtual sponsorship opportunities such as branded virtual backgrounds or sponsored sessions.

  6. Branded Experiences: We can create unique experiences that incorporate sponsor branding such as branded photo booths, virtual reality experiences, or branded activations.

  7. Customized Sponsorship Packages: We offer customized sponsorship packages that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of each sponsor. This allows you to choose the opportunities that align with your brand and marketing objectives.


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