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How to price your vintage finds and know their worth

Vintage clothing has become increasingly popular with festivals and pop ups like ours, and it's no wonder why. In addition to being trendy, stylish and eco-friendly, vintage clothing often features unique designs that are hard to come by in modern pieces, the quality of clothing is also unmatched compared to fast fashion pieces. Vintage shopping feels like a true treasure hunt. However, determining the value of vintage clothing can feel confusing. One of the key factors in assessing the value of vintage clothing is to date the era in which the garment was made. This can be done by looking for specific design elements, such as shoulder pads or bell-bottoms, that were popular during different eras, (check out or last post about dating your vintage).

Another important factor in pricing vintage clothing is rarity. Some vintage pieces are highly sought after by collectors and can command high prices. For example, rare vintage concert t-shirts from popular bands can be worth thousands, especially if they are from a particularly memorable concert or tour.

When researching the popularity of different vintage pieces, it's helpful to look at online marketplaces and auction sites like eBay, make sure you're looking at "sold" listings to see what similar items have gone for in the past. Factors such as condition, rarity, and demand can all impact the value of a vintage piece.

In conclusion, pricing vintage clothing requires a combination of knowledge about fashion history, an understanding of rarity and demand, and research into similar items that have sold in the past. With these factors in mind, you can get close to the true value of a vintage garment and make informed decisions when buying or selling vintage clothing.

As always Happy Thrifting!

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